General presentation of the facilities

ROMAVIA has the headquarters in Bucharest, 1 Dimitrie Cantemir Avenue, sector 4, and the operational and maintenance base at Bucharest “Henri Coanda” International Airport., in 2, Zborului Street, Otopeni.

Maintenance Main Base

The maintenance main base is at “Henri Coanda” International Airport Bucharest Otopeni – Romania.

The line maintenance works are carried out in the aircraft parking area where ROMAVIA has the following facilities:

  • aircraft parking stands;
  • rooms for the line maintenance technicians;
  • metal containers for tools used in the line maintenance;
  • airfield equipment (stairs, work platforms, hydraulic hoisting jacks, tow bars).

Operational facilities located at Bucharest “Henri Coanda” International Airport – South Side:

  • battery charging station;
  • airfield independent power sources;
  • compressed air independent sources;
  • nitrogen self feeder;
  • domestic water feeder;
  • towing equipment.

The base maintenance works are performed in ROAMVIA hangar, illuminated, provided with current sources and direct current 28V, compressed air source, water sources (hydrants), toilets, dressing rooms and workshops, offices and technical archive.
ROMAVIA also has access to the hangar of Tiriac Air Company and to the Hangar no. 5 of Base 90 Air Transport (Ministry of Defense).


Line and base maintenance works performed by ROMAVIA for its or third parties’ aircraft are shown in the table below:

Category Limits Base Line


Aircrafts above 5700 kg

Pratt&Whitney Engines

JT3D – 3B

  • Pre-flight inspection
  • Daily
  • Check at every 80 hours
  • A Check
  • B Check

BAC 1-11

400/500 Series


MK 511

MK 512

  • C Check
  • D Check
  • Pre-flight
  • Transit
  • After flight (daily)
  • A Check
  • B Check

BAe 146

100/200/300 Series


ALF502 R-5

  • C Check
  • Pre-flight;
  • Daily;
  • Check at 50hours/10 days
  • Check at 150hours/1 month
  • Check at 300hours/3 months
  • A Check
  • “Out of Phase”

Other authorized maintenance works:

Class Category Limits
Specialized services D1-Non-destructive inspection Ultrasounds, turbionari flow, penetrating liquids in accordance with the specifications of the aircraft manufactuers

Welding and special processes (retouch of aircraft painting, sealing, wet assembly) are ancillary activities to the maintenance works.

Other component repairing and servicing works are performed, according to the ATA specification (other than engines or complete APU) are shown in the table below:

Class Category
Components other than engines or complete APU
  • C1 – Conditioned air and pressurization plants
  • C2 – Communication and navigation systems
  • C5 – Electrical installations
  • C6 – Equipment
  • C7 – Engines – APU
  • C8 – Flight commands
  • C9 – Structure-fuel systems
  • C12 – Hydraulic systems
  • C13 – Instruments
  • C14 – landing gear
  • C15 – Oxygen systems
  • C17 – Pneumatic systems
  • C18 – Protection systems against icing/rain/fire

ROMAVIA can also manufacture (within the limits of the authorizations) a small range of simple components/parts necessary in the maintenance process carried in its own facilities.


PHONE: +4 021 316 99 64

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